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Today is the DAY, digital readers. Megahex by Simon Hanselmann is available. This is normally where’d we make a joke about digitall rolling up a joint to go with your reading but not everyone is as lucky as Washington (where pot is smoke a-freely). SO how ‘bout instead you make some trashcan punch?

Megg is a depressed, drug-addicted witch. Mogg is her black cat. Their friend, Owl, is an anthropomorphized owl. They hang out a lot with Werewolf Jones. This may sound like a pure stoner comedy, but it transcends the genre: these characters struggle unsuccessfully to come to grips with their depression, drug use, sexuality, poverty, lack of work, lack of ambition, and their complex feelings about each other in ways that have made Megg and Mogg sensations on Hanselmann’s Girl Mountain Tumblr. This is the first collection of Hanselmann’s work, freed from its cumbersome Internet prison, and sure to be one of the most talked about graphic novels of 2014, featuring all of the “classic” Megg and Mogg episodes from the past five years as well as over 70 pages of all-new material.

These 214 joke-soaked pages are yours for only $22.99 so grab your copy of Megahex today on comiXology!  

Simon Hanselmann is the real deal, for sure. He captures that stoner stay-at-home life so accurately that I actually find his comics really depressing and thank god I don’t ever have to hang out with anybody like that ever again.” - Daniel Clowes

Hey readers! Buy this!

And while I’m plugging peeps, please check out Patrick Kyle (who is selling some originals) and htmlflowers. Also see Puppytube (and their comic BIG TEETH) and LAMEZONE. Also JMKE. Also Michael Deforge who has been up to cool things and ALSO everybody around Space Face Books! And 2dcloud as well!

No doubt I forgot some peeps (and i am sorry) but hey check it out! CHECK IT OUT! check it out!

ETA: rruffurr!

back from the dead

Did a little album art thing for Flower the Skunk/Human Petting Zoo a while ago.

Did a little album art thing for Flower the Skunk/Human Petting Zoo a while ago.

buds n’ pals

buds n’ pals

tiny sketchbook junk.

i’m inkingggggg


Other people should take pics of their Space Face stickers like Ghosttthead did.

Sorry updates have been slow! I am working on cool things I promise.

Anyways not long ago I got a little 3.5x5.5” sketchbook that I’ve been treating mostly as a journal. But here are a few sketches from it.

I’d like to get into the habit of doing diary comics but I don’t think I have the time right now! Also I am painfully uninteresting.

Couple of album arts I did not too long ago. One was for Drainpuppet and the other for Council of Rats.

Was out of town for a bit so here are some pretty clichéd junk scribbles from my sketchbook


As You Were #3. This is our best issue yet. 112 pages of new comics from 28 of our favorite artists. I can’t wait for you to see it. April 15th.


Hey hey! I’m in this! Even if you didn’t like my comic very much you should pick up a copy of As You Were #3! It’s full of amazing people and I can’t wait to get my own grubby little hands on it.